Once you created an account in myBooks, we recommend that you complete these steps before you start creating the sales and purchase transactions. Doing these steps first will make your experience in mybooks much more pleasant and easy. Say for example when the address is updated in business profile. Updates address will automatically displayed in your transaction templates

Business Profile

  1. Industry type

    Industry type chosen at the time of registration will be displayed here and chart of accounts will load based on that selected industry

  2. Address Details

    Organization address can be updated here. Updated address will be displayed in transactions

  3. Ownership

    Ownership type given at the time of registration will be displayed here and it cannot be changed

  4. Accounting type

    Accounting by default it will be selected as accrual and it can changed

  5. Fiscal year

    January – December is set as default for myBooks US version

Add your products and services

  1. Type

    Select the whether your business sells a product or offer services

  2. Item Name

    Enter the name of the item

  3. Description

    Type description for the entered item

  4. Item Rate

    Enter the item rate

  5. Unit of measurement

    Unit of measure will loaded based on the selected type

  6. Sales & purchase account

    By default sales and purchase account will be selected. User can change the account to their needs

  7. Sales and purchase rates

    Rate will be updated once the item was updated

  8. Tax

    Tax can be linked to the item. So whenever this item was selected in the transactions then selected tax in item automatically update


  1. First Name

    Enter the first name of the contact

  2. Display Name

    Type the display name for the contact

  3. Currency

    By default base currency will be selected

  4. Terms

    Select terms for the contact, based on the selected term due date will be calculated

  5. Contact type

    Choose the contact type from customer or vendor

  6. Email

    Type the email address for the contact

  7. Billing address

    Enter the billing address for the selected cotnact

  8. Shipping address

    If the shipping address is same as the billing address then select same as billing address if the address is different then enter the shipping address

Opening Balance

  1. Date Select the date from the calender
  2. Reference Update reference for the opening balance
  3. Account Select the account from the dropdown menu
  4. Debit Enter the amount in debit 
  5. Account If needed add another account from the dropdown
  6. Credit Update the amount in credit field. 

Tax Management

  1. Add tax code by clicking add icon
  2. Type the tax name
  3. Enter the tax rate
  4. By default tax account will be selected
  5. Select the tax authority from dropdown menu or create one
  6. To create tax group need atleast two tax codes. Enter the tax name and select the tax codes from the dropdown. Please save to create tax groups

Data Upload

  1. Select the records which you would like to upload
  2. Sample file can downloaded for the selected record type
  3. Click on upload, Once the upload is clicked then it will verify all the basic required information is updated
  4. Simulate is a second level of verification. When the verification is complete it will updated in events
  5. Submit file. Once the files have been submitted records will be uploaded into myBooks. Once the upload is complete then notification will be displayed in events.
  6. Here are the list of records