Approval decision in 10 minutes

Receive funds within one hour

Borrow for any purpose

Prepayment possible with no charges

What are 12-month Loans?

12-month loans are short-term loans that offer funds for temporary financial issues. For any small or urgent need, you can borrow money through a short and simple procedure. With the multiple features, the journey from obtaining funds to paying off them is predictable and smooth. ExtramileFinance offers funds for 12 months on flexible yet rational deals.

 Prime features of 12-month loans –

  • Personalized pricing
  • Borrow £1000---£25000
  • Fixed interest rates
  • Instant decision policy
  • No guarantor, no collateral

Types of 12-month loans – To Serve the Multiple Purposes

12-month loans are quite flexible because they can adjust according to any purpose of the borrower. With different types, you can borrow with ease for a precise and relatable purpose.

  • Personal 12-month loans – According to the term, these are designed for personal needs. Anything from medical expenses to wedding arrangement costs, the loans can be used for any reason.
  • Business 12-month loans – The business owners can borrow for commercial needs. The loans prove big support for the working capital requirements and other daily needs of a business.
  • Payday 12-month loans – The last-minute needs are always annoying and in the absence of any saving the 12-month payday loans always become reliable and sufficient support.

Benefits of 12-month Loans – The List is Long

Versatile 12-month loans have many reasons to find a place in the priority list of the borrowers when they explore short-term loans. The new-age lending industry describes a special place of these borrowing options because the fund seekers too love them as one of their shields from money crisis. These are considered idol duration loans than the 6-month or 24 month loans with no guarantor.

  • Approval decision within 10 minutes – After submitting the application, the approval decision comes within 10 minutes. The smaller loans cannot take too much time. Besides, we know the value of your time.
  • ‘Yes’ to bad credit score and fair credit score – Yes, we are 'OK' with both if you have a stable current income and a strong repaying capacity. No need to delve into your payment record. Get 12-month loans for bad credit as well as fair credit.
  • Change repayment plans during tenure – When our borrowers feel they may get into any money crisis and may not be able to pay instalments according to the current repayment plan, they tell us. We change the plan to match their current needs.
  • Get money in a few hours in a bank account – As you know, you get the full value of time. Once the application is approved, you get the funds transferred to your bank account. Sometimes the money gets transferred in just one hour.
  • No bank or festive holiday applicable – Of course, after all, what is the use of providing funds through the online medium if it cannot be used irrespective of time and occasion. Apply 24x7, 365 days, without any stress.

Process of 12-month Loans is Understandable

The process is convenient, simple and speedy. Get through the several steps and receive funds in a small duration.

Eligibility – The Gatekeeper is not stringent

This part is generic, and all 12-month loans by direct lenders ask for the same things on the part of eligibility criteria. With attention to few conditions, you can cross the eligibility check easily.

12-month Payday Loans by Direct Lender without a Broker

The online lending industry is equipped with all necessary advancements, and the borrower needs no broker to fund a loan company. You can directly visit our website to leave a query or apply for a loan or talk to customer care service. In precise words, you can get the 12 month loan from lenders and not brokers.

  • Why waste huge amount of your hard-earned money on brokerage.
  • Make a direct approach to the lenders without any collateral and guarantor.
  • With a strong repaying capacity, you do not need any other support to visit us.

Comfort of 12 Months Loan for Bad Credit with no Guarantor

The 12-month loans by direct lenders come with no requirement of a guarantor even if the applicant has a poor credit score. With the change in time, the stereotypical ways to judge an applicant are over. Nowadays, the current capacity of the fund seeker is more critical.

Why Choose ExtramileFinance for 12-Month loans?

We can give you some very precise reason to keep us on your list and consider the loan through our services. With only one aim of the financial well-being of the customers, we try to offer only the best.

  • High approval rate
    With a 99% approval rate, you can expect good news on the loan application, which gives certainty while borrowing.
  • Existing customers borrow bigger
    If you have an impressive payment history with us as an existing borrower, you can borrow bigger next time.
  • Simpler deals and procedures
    We never make things complicated with heavy terms. Transparency is our tool to keep our customers informed.
  • No credit check process available
    It is especially available for borrowers who apply for 12-month loans with no credit check with bad credit.


Q How to Find the Right Deal on 12 Month Payday Loans?

Searching for the right loan deal does not mean that you only have to find the right lender. Instead, it is all about analysing your prevailing financial situation and then finalise how much you want to borrow and how will you repay the funds. 12 month loans are considered best when it comes to repaying the amount because you can easily manage the instalment from your monthly income.

Q Will 12 Month Loans Affect My Credit Rating?

No, installment loans for bad credit no gurantor will not affect your credit rating especially when ExtraMile Finance is allowing the funds through no credit check process. In fact, if you are sincere towards the repayments then you can easily improve your credit score and find more lending options in the future.

Q Are there many lenders who offer 12 month loans?

Yes, there are many lenders who serve the borrowing of 12 month Payday loans but you have to make a smart choice to select a worthy one. For example, extra mile finance is an online financial service provider brings to get the amount to favour the borrower’s situation.

Q Can you get a 12 months Installment loan with bad credit and no guarantor?

Yes, you can get bad credit loans from direct lender and that too with the feature of no credit check. It performs to give the borrower a lenient checking on the credit score which does not leave the mark of search print on it. The approval on the amount even when you have bad credit gives the borrower a chance to improve the number of credit score by making on time payments.

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