myBooks Security and Protection Measures

At myBooks, we go the extra mile to preserve the business information of our customers. We’ve put in place multi-layer security systems that are regularly tested for breach and touch-up on schedule. We pride on our small business accounting software as being reliable and secure. As a data-oriented company, the protection of data is our top priority. We are always ahead of our competitors in terms of security policies, technologies, and applications. myBooks adopts a 6 prong approach to ensuring your business data is secure, safe, and retrievable when you need it. The safety of our product is seen as the lifeline of our business, and each of our employees is trained to handle customer data without a breach through advanced security tools.

Encryption At Rest

myBooks utilises advanced industry-standard encryption protocol and medium in the transmitting of all your data. With Encryption at rest, there can never be any form of a data breach. Any data on our servers cannot be decrypted by any other persons or group except you. We believe firewalls or anti-virus are not enough, an additional layer of defence need to be added to protect your data.

SSL Protection

From the cloud to the browser you are using to access your data, myBooks verify your data is fully encrypted. myBooks relies on SSL Protocol to protect every of your information submitted in the process of accessing your data. All of your confidential information such as passwords, login details, or your customer’s information is heavily guarded. myBooks cannot put anything to chance which is why we run an outstanding secured platform.

Attachment Scanning

myBooks implements a security protocol that avoids any vulnerabilities. Our cloud network is fully gated to prevent any form of intrusion via attachment. Every attachment uploaded is subjected to thorough scrutiny to confirm that it cannot affect your data or that of others.  

Access Control

At myBooks, every access into our systems is monitored, controlled, and audited. As a customer, you can give access to multiple users but what and where they have access to is determined by you. None of our employees can access your information except you ask for help. Accessing customer information is permitted on an as-needed basis only and every process is closely monitored.  

Consistent Virus Scanning

Our cloud network as an online accounting software scans every traffic coming in and going out for intrusion or breaches. We employ advanced virus scanning protocols that are regularly updated to handle new malware. myBooks combine multiple anti-virus protocols to look out for trojans, monitor behaviours and check files integrity.

Highly Secured Cloud Environment

myBooks designed our cloud environment with a disciplined approach to proceed and interact. For your data, it’s end-to-end for the highest level of data protection. myBooks cloud computing infrastructure utilises a backup system and it is tested based on a schedule for leakages and vulnerability.