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All your financial planning burdens stop here! Find the best financial forecasting software for your small business. Create your effective business forecasting with myPlan.

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myPlan business budgeting software, exclusively made for iOS users! Download the application now, and make your business decisions confident with our real-time cash flow analytics.

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myPlan for Easy Financial Planning

myPlan application specially made for both financial and non-financial business owners. This application is a cash flow forecasting software where you get all your cash flow insights in one simplified screen.

Understanding myplan

Visualize Your Growth

You can experience your business growth once you start using the myPlan application. Reach your target profit efficiently with our comprehensive reports.


Stay on budget - every time

With the guidance and reports of myPlan small business budgeting software, you stay on budget every time.


Strategic Planning

With myPlan accurate cash flow report, analyze your what-if scenario and make the right business decision.

Financial Forecasting

Analyze your Business Cash Flow

myPlan financial planning software helps you to analyze your business cash flow. Get the past and future cash flow report in real-time - daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly.

Analyze your Business Cash Flow

Optimize your Budget & Planning

Grow your business to next level

Simple Planning

Stop worrying whether your plan fits your business! myPlan financial planning software will guide you to reach your goal.

Simple Planning

Accurate Forcast Report

Have an accurate profit & loss report about your business with our myPlan's super-duper financial planning & budgeting software.

Accurate Forcast Report

Hussle free integration

Sync your accounting software with myPlan

Easily integrate your existing accounting software with the myPlan business forecasting app. Save your time with our automatic forecast updation by importing all the data from your integrated accounting software.

Sync your accounting software with myPlan

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More to know about myPlan

Cash Flow Control

Cash Flow Control

myPlan lets you predict an accurate cash flow based on your revenue and expenses. You can also perform what-if analysis on your cash flow for large business expenses and avoid a negative cash balance.

Business Profitability

Business Profitability

With myPlan financial planning software, you can predict your profit. With these reports, you can adjust your expenses and find new revenue opportunities and in turn, can improve your business profit.

Business Planning Simplified

Business Planning Simplified

myPlan financial forecasting software automates most of your business planning functions and gathers all-important insights. Armed with these critical insights, you make your business decision better.

Optimize your Budget & Planning

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Frequently Asked

myplan is one of the best financial projections software that guides every small to mid-size business to prepare their budget forecast

With myplan corporate budgeting software, you can easily integrate it with your existing Quickbooks and Xero accounting software. Further, for other types of accounting software users can download their reports, and can upload them on the myplan budgeting app, for preparing the forecasting report.

myplan comprehensive financial planning software has only paid version. But you can use the free trial version effectively for 14 days without any limitations.

myplan cash flow forecasting software has help documents, youtube help tutorials, and a free demo to make people learn about the software.

The myplan comprehensive financial planning software is the best app for small businesses to medium-size businesses. Especially myplan is designed with a small business mentality.

myplan cash flow forecasting software holds the what-if scenario feature. So small businesses can make the right business decision with myplan.

myplan financial projection software has a specially designed iOS app and supports web users. So businesses can use the myplan budgeting app efficiently.

Absolutely yes. The myplan budget forecasting app can be used worldwide.

Of course yes! myplan can be used as a personal budgeting app. Users can track their money and know about their personal money flow easily.