Why We Exist

I started my first small business in enterprise software consulting when I was 27 years old. I was very good what I did, I got few customers as well very quickly. But I struggled a lot in every other aspect of running a small business like finances, recruitment, sales & marketing. I struggled to find the appropriate resources, best practices, at an affordable price. I found apps required to run every aspect of small business but subscribing to each one of meant, I will be spending a fortune.For fledging start-up, this will be too much bare. Some of things I was over-paying way too much and some-thing I was paying way too low and lost many opportunities because of that. If only I know what a business paid on average for these services like Auditing, Rent of my size, I could have better made my decisions back then. If only I had a set of tools to manage critical functions like Finance, Human Resources, Sales & Marketing, things could have been very different. We decided this is a problem worthy enough to be solved.

Small business are back-bone of economy of a nation. A small business gives any individual a chance to succeed without pre-requisites of an expensive educational degree, large investment or a contacts of highly influential people. A high school drop-out can start automobile repair shop or ex-convict can start a custom tailoring shop. Anybody can start a small business ranging from street side food peddler to a fancy restaurant, as long as they do it from their heart, it is destined to succeed.

We exist to empower small businesses, give them a fair chance to succeed in a competitive market. Provide them the tools to help in their fight against big corporations. We want to be the sling of the david in the fight against goliath. We believe this is a noble mission to undertake, to create more equality in the world and give a chance for the individuals to dream and suceed, rather than get grinded in a regular big corporation 9 – 5 Job. We believe career should be much more than just means to get pay check. We believe all the individuals should have a chance to make a difference in their life and contribute meaningfully to the community.

While our reason for existence is to empower small businesses, we are steadfast in the method to achieve our purpose. We believe each of our employee should be utilized to ensure short term and long term success for the individual as well for the business. We are invested in the well-being of our employees as much as on our business goals. We are much more interested in holistic employee development plan rather than our exit method to get short term monetary gains. Our business is not a hustle, rather it is a noble mission to achieve higher objective in a righteous way.