Without a plan in place, you’re hoping. It’s even worse when you have a plan that is bound to fail. That means you are not hoping but planning to fail. Investing an ample amount of time in planning is worth it in the long run. It will save you the time you will waste on a failed project. How can you know if your plans are not rocked solid? Here are eight pointers to be sure you are not on a goose chase;


Pointers To Show That Your Plans Are not Rock Solid

  • Unclear Objectives

A man without a clear vision piloting an airplane is bound to crash land sooner or later. Don’t put in place a long to-do list and tag it as a plan. Rather than pondering on a long list of action plans, stick to a single or few ones. Know which of the strategy will give you the biggest bang for your bucks.

  • Avoiding Challenges

Trying to maneuver your way around a challenge is the beginning of your failure. An African proverb says “he who runs from a fight today, lives to fight another day.” Why not fight the challenges today than wait for another day when it affects your plan?

  • Prioritize Goals

Don’t let the most important of your goals compete with lesser tasks in your plan. Every healthy strategic plan is based on setting priorities. Let’s assume your plan is for the entire year, set out not more than three priorities. This will allow you to focus on what’s important.

  • Set Out an Organizational Calendar

Every plan must be time-bound. This will help to track the level of progress on every plan. On the calendar, set out what is to be achieved on a weekly and monthly basis. A schedule is one of the tools every team needs to succeed on every plan. You can correct a plan through a calendar.

  • Absence of Room For Adjustment and Flexibility

Regardless of how robust your plan may appear from the onset, leaving no room for fine-tuning may lead to failure. In the process of executing a plan, the present condition might be different from what was envisaged. Therefore, create room for adjustment of the plans to ensure it aligns with the prevailing situation.

  • Lack of Knowledge of Available Resources

In planning, creating a scenario of the available resources will lead to failure. Starting from the financial resources, every member of the team must be aware of what is available to execute a plan. This can be through cloud accounting software that is accessible to every member of the organization involved from planning to execution.

  • Having the Wrong Leadership

A plan is as good as those involved in executing it. It’s usually tough arriving at the best hands and heads for a team but if a plan is to succeed, tough decisions have to be taken. The right leaders are those who understand the A-Z of the plan and are ready to invest their time and energy into it.

  • Setting Unrealistic Goals

Not every plan is achievable. A plan that is bound for success needs to set goals that are achievable within a time frame. The feasibility of these goals should be determined by the leadership in consultation with the team involved. This will help to create room for fine-tuning in consonance with the business environment

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