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myBooks gives you the great opportunity to contribute a guest post. You can easily submit an article on our website. The topics you can contribute to a guest posting on our websites are - Accounting, Business, Bookkeeping, Tax, Finance, and the categories related to the mentioned topic.

Write for us is a great opportunity to expose your expertise on a topic you love. Share your advice and experience with others by utilizing myBooks write for us.

Write for us is not only the opportunity to expose the topic you love, but also it is a great platform to promote your business, expand your outreach, link building, and much more.

We exist to help our readers to

Manage their small business easier.

We educate the readers about accounting, finance, small business, GST, budgeting, and more

1. Manage their small business easier
2. We educate the readers about accounting, finance, small business, GST, budgeting, and more

Guest Topics

What are the contributing guest post topics?

  • Guest post for accounting
  • Guest post for bookkeeping
  • Guest post for business
  • Guest post for tax and GST
  • Guest post for finance
  • Write for us about business budgeting
  • Contribute a blog about financial forecasting
  • Submit a guest post based on small business accounting tips
  • Guest posting on the topic online store
  • We accept guest posting on POS system related topic
  • Also, other guest posts related to the above categories.
Condition Detail

We have few condition

Here are some of the points to look, at before you contribute a guest blogging for zetran.

  • The guest posting content you offer should not be plagiarized. The article submission must be 100% unique. If this is not satisfied, we will reject your submitted article.
  • mybooks is the free guest posting platform. We do accept guest posting only on our niche.
  • The blog article must be 1000+ words. If the contributed guest posting is less than 1000 words, we reject your submitted blog.
  • The submitted blog article shouldn’t be published anywhere, including on your own blog.
  • Make sure to check your grammar before sending the article for review. Additionally, the article should not hold a passive voice, more than 4% as a whole.
  • All images included in the guest posting article must be your own or with all the necessary information about copyrights.
  •  Any references included in the article should be relevant and provide additional information about the given topic.
  • We offer only one do-follow link. No more than one do-follow link is allowed.
  • We do not accept links on the author’s bio. We may remove the link on the author bio during the review.
  • We reserve the right to reject any article that doesn’t meet our guidelines or fit with our audience profile.
  • Must share at least 3 guest posting links, which you have submitted before

Points to Note

Please read this before you make a blog article

  • Make sure to use easy words and avoid complicated words and sentence
  • Avoid lengthy sentences and dense paragraph
  • Use short sentences and subheadings
  • Using bullets and points is more appreciated

How to Submit an article with mybooks ?

Submitted the guest blogging to mybooks is an easy-peasy process. Submit using the form below, including a link to your Google Doc. We only review Google Docs.

Here's the steps:

1. Read the rest of this page. If you don’t, we’ll know, and your chances of publishing with us will drop.
2. Submit using the form below, including a link to your Google Doc. We only review Google Docs.

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