Small businesses just like big ones need to monitor their expenses and incomes. This, among other things, is what most referred to as accounting. Accountants, using pen and paper traditionally analyze the financial standing of businesses – irrespective of their size. It is believed by many that one needs a good knowledge of technical accounting lingo to carry out the task of an accountant. However, with the help of accounting software, a small business owner can now carry out simple accounting, personally, without an expert.


Accounting software is application software that records financial and accounting transaction. Many accounting software are available now at the disposal of an entrepreneur. However, accounting software needs not be installed on the users’ computers, and this is where cloud accounting comes in. This is because modern the methods of doing things over the internet have also extended to financial analysis.


What then is cloud accounting?

Cloud accounting –also known as online accounting- is an aspect of cloud computing which deals with the management of accounting software on the cloud instead of the user’s computer. It allows business owners to manage their finances online using common web browsers and applications.


There are many reasons to use cloud accounting software like myBooks by an entrepreneur. Apart from the obvious fact that it saves small business owners the money to hire a professional accountant, it also reduces the cost of purchasing and updating accounting software.


The convenience which cloud accounting gives to small business is tremendous. You can navigate among the different devices you own at any time. From your smartphone to your tablet and your laptop, you have the advantage of managing your finances on the go. You can also share financial information with other people easily.


The security of your financial data is integral to the survival of your business. Therefore, MyBooks cloud accounting software helps secure your information against theft while maintaining regular update. Furthermore, the loss of any of your devices does not hinder your use of the online software.


In addition, precision is important while dealing with numbers in order to avoid an unnecessary loss to the business. Mistakes in calculation are eliminated with cloud computing. Accounting history, trends, profits, and losses become easy to keep track of by small businesses and thus increase efficiency.


Other important benefits of cloud accounting are the analysis tools it provides which reduce the complexity of accounting. It also helps to manage tax compliance, pays account receivables, displays trends, manages inventory, remit invoices and prepares tax reports.


Cloud accounting software carries out so many functions for entrepreneurs who are just starting a business and those who already own a business. For small business owners, especially those without many employees, there are so many tasks to be carried out and the ease of carrying out these tasks are usually appreciated. Micro business owners can carry out accounting like a pro with cloud accounting software. It is like having a personal human accountant but with so many other features.

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