B2B means Business to Business influencers are hard to find for several products. Beauty bloggers are primarily familiar, but what about scientific research? So, you must know how to find b2b influencers according to your brand and product.


Nowadays, getting influencers can bring traffic and followers to your brands. However, finding the right influencer to advertise your product is challenging since they also need to know your industry. So, to avoid this issue, you must check Buzzsumo, brand24, Little Bird, and Followerwonk. These platforms can aid you in finding the right influencers for your b2b business.


How To Find b2b Influencers?

Influencers should be able to bring traffic and help to sell products and services among their followers by using authority and position. They must have expertise in their industry and know how to manage it respectfully. As per b2b influencer marketing stats, influencers make significant contributions to client acquisition.


However, choosing from social media sites might be a blind gamble, so our experts have suggested that you must check these tools for safer results.


Little Bird

Little Bird can analyze a million points fastly to match with a comprehensive topic list and suggest top-notch experts and influencers. To try the Little Bird tool private beta, you need to have a premium subscription.


Moreover, it can be used efficiently, with simple inbuilt navigation and brilliant features to make it simple to find your influencer accordingly. You can filter according to the industry and the number of followers they have on social sites. If you are short on time, you must use historical data analysis for the best results.

  • Comparison Tool is an excellent function as it enables Twitter handles that help you compare accounts to the industry experts.
  • For hot Blogs, you have to click on the option, which will show you the most influential blogs on the topic you are searching for. However, the number of likes determines it.
  • Export can find reports for analysis and manipulation. But this feature is only available if you have a subscription.
  • Edit Insiders is an o[ption you may use to remove some influencers you don’t think are appropriate for your topic.
  • Topic Experts can manage your account and provide the list of top experts according to the area and location. Also, you may remove the unfit influencers from your topic of yours.


BuzzSumo is one of the most famous and influential content analysis tools available in the digital market.


Moreover, this tool provides complete links to Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, and Reddit engagement. It also provides a total link number of each searching result.


Additionally, it has an evergreen score for content engagement figures that shows 30 days rating in the number of links each content piece has received when published.

Searches Content Analyzer

BuzzSumo’s Content Analyzer has a fantastic feature that allows keeping the site up to date for content that matches your search terms and each associate’s engagements for search results.

Advanced Search

It allows you to use its advanced search feature. To utilize this feature, you must know some operators and strings.

  • Country
  • Language
  • Type of content
  • Word count
  • Publisher size and many more.


BuzzSumo has created a fantastic feature called users, as there are many that can access a similar account according to to offer and plan.

  • Pro: 1-5 users
  • Plus: 10 users
  • Enterprise: Custom


Brand24 has five easy analytic tools to categorize your projects easily: Analysis, Sources, mentions, Comparison, and quotes.


However, you will be able to analyze it by location and conversation-based filters that result in view scores. And one of the best parts is it updates the information quickly and doesn’t forget any mentioned links or language.


Brand 24 has impressive data quality and historical extractions. The manager of brand24 has published micro-influencer lists by using her tool and posting it in an eBook.


Moreover, the tool does have a subtle difference in results while using filters to identify mentioned influencers most frequently.


All Social media platforms are monitored. However, it is the most complicated feature that’s why most tools doest provide this facility to the users. But consumers can use this feature globally to monitor their brands accordingly.


List of influencers that are capable of improving your business or brands accordingly. The tool doesn’t stick to only one social media platform but does comprehensive research to get an authentic list of influencers, not someone who boosts followers.


Discussions Volume Chart is for protecting your company, and you may take prompt action for sudden changes in discussion volume. Also, being able to detect problematic issues before time gives you chances of intense publicity for your brand or company.


Upfluence has over 3 million influencers with followers of around 82 billion. In real-time, it will update and index all profiles with every piece of analyzed content engagement and reach. Also, there is demographic data for Instagram to detect age, location, and gender to help you select the influencer according to your category.

  • You must use relatable keywords to search for an influencer that fits your marketing goal. However, you must focus on the audience segment to find the correct influencer.
  • One of the best things about this tool is that it is designed according to the user’s capability and navigation is easy. On the left, you search terms, and the result shows on the right.
  • The second best feature of this particular tool is the ability to track hashtags according to the search identifying the trend.
  • This tool can monitor your competitor’s actions, influencers, and mentions. Those who are engaged with them will be shown on this tool. Also, you will be able to track some known or specific influencers.


Bottom line

Our experts have mentioned some of the best tools so that you should not have to search how to find b2b influencers. However, we recommend LittleBird as one of the most effective and efficient tools that can help you build it to traffic and bring followers.

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