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About Zetran

Zetran is a startup technology company with developing online business products. Zetran products are based on accounting, finance, and human resources. We have 3 running live products, called mybooks, myplan, and SNAPOS. Further, are working hard to launch our fourth product called mystaff.

  • mybooks is the simple accounting software
  • myplan is the small business financial forecasting and budgeting software
  • SNAPOS is the best POS app with the online store feature
  • myStaff if the HR management software, which we are launching soon.

Zetran internship in Coimbatore is an excellent platform for freshers to become world-class developers of cutting-edge Technology. Just make use of the zetran internship opportunity.

About Zetran Internships and Jobs

Zetran internship in Coimbatore provides training for students, graduates, and freshers in software programming and the digital marketing field. Zetran will offer the internship on any of the above-mentioned streams based on the candidate’s interest and educational background. Ideal candidates should be of computer science academic background (B.E, BCA, MCA, BSc CS) for software programming and marketing specializations (BBA/MBA) for digital marketing internships. For internships minimum of 2 days’ work availability will be required by the candidate.

Free Internship for Full Stack Developer in Coimbatore

If you are planning to join an internship for a full-stack developer, Zetran will guide you to reach your job destination. We provide healthy full-stack developer classes to mold your profession. Join Zetran technologies as an intern for free & gain knowledge on the full-stack developer. Contact us to know more about our internship services.

Best Internship for Digital Marketing in Coimbatore

Zetran is one of the best internship-providing companies in Coimbatore for digital marketing. If you like to proceed with your career in digital marketing & hunting for the right platform to explore as a digital marketing intern, connect with us. You can learn as an intern & also you can work on lots of platforms to explore as a digital marketer

Free Internship for Android developer in Coimbatore

To expertise in android developer sectors, Zetran offers a free internship for an android developer in Coimbatore. If you are looking to develop your skills in this sector, Zetran will be the right place to work. As we have our software, you can educate yourself to develop knowledge as the best android developer.

Free iOS developer Internship in Coimbatore

If you are looking for an expert-level iOS developer internship for free in Coimbatore, no worries. Contact Zetran. We offer free internships for college students in Coimbatore to make your future bright. iOS developer Internship is not only for college students but also for graduates. Make your internship worthy with our best internship.

Free Internship for Admin Role in Coimbatore

The best internship for Admin Role in Coimbatore. Are you a fresher, hunting for the right internship company in Coimbatore for an admin role? Join us to explore your career as an admin. For more queries, contact us and know more about our internship services and what you gain from us. 

Internship for Software Testing in Coimbatore

Zetran Technologies is a fast-growing IT Company. We are one of the best companies for a free Internship in Software Testing in Coimbatore. Zetran provides the best Software Testing Training and job opportunities in Coimbatore. Feel free to contact us to know more about the internship opportunities.

Free Internship for Software Development

If you are a student/graduate looking for a free internship for software development in Coimbatore, join us. We offer a free internship for freshers where you can work live to know more about the project. We give you expert advice with the certification to mold your career. We make your internship “the best” for your profession.

Free Internship for Web Development in Coimbatore

If you are planning to join an internship for web development, Zetran will guide you to reach your job destination. We provide healthy web development classes to mold your profession. Join Zetran technologies as an intern for free & gain knowledge on web development. Contact us to know more about our internship services.

What do we expect from an Intern?

We expect sincerity and punctuality. You will be working as part of the next-gen cloud start-up on Business Apps. You will be working alongside experienced programmers and professionals on various small projects in real-time. On successful completion of 3 months of internship, a certificate of completion will be provided. Don’t miss the opportunity!

What are the benefits of being an intern in zetran?

The following below are the benefits of joining as an internship student in zetran, located in Coimbatore.

  1. The majority of people get placed in IT companies.
  2. You will be able to compete better than other people.
  3. An internship is often the best way to get your foot in the door of a new company or industry.
  4. You will build your network by learning from corporate people.
  5. When applying with your resume profile, you’ll get extra credit by including the name of the internship program.
  6. Seeking more advanced knowledge about your core field will help you to advance your career.
  7. An internship will allow you to explore various career options.
  8. In an internship, you become a more well-rounded candidate

Sound like the job for you?

Got what it takes to work with us? Great! Send us a link to your resume or portfolio to become part of our talent pool.

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