Owner and Chief Executive Officer of Zetran Corporation, Mathivanan Gowthaman launched a free cloud accounting software, myBooks, with a desire to make a difference for small businesses to manage their finance better.


Based in Coimbatore, India, myBooks is a cloud-based accounting software specially designed to suit the accounting management needs of small and medium businesses. It automates various accounting operations and enables businesses to simplify their accounting needs and better manage their finances.


The myBooks accounting system is a cloud-based app with a user-friendly interface that anybody can quickly learn. Its key features include a dashboard to provide an overview of your business, simplified inventory management, multi-currency transactions, multiple business accounts management, customized role-based access controls, synchronization with bank accounts, detailed reporting, and cloud-backed robust security.


The company offers a flexible subscription-based pricing model with annual subscription renewals for myBooks. The customers can choose between 3 separate packages and tariff plans to match their needs and budget. The Basic plan is a free version and allows 1 user and 1 division/branch, Standard allows up to 3 users and 1 division/branch, and Premium allows unlimited users and up to 3 divisions/branches.


The GoodFirms team interviewed Mathivanan Gowthaman, the Owner and CEO of Zetran Corporation, to learn more about myBooks and its features. Mathivanan is the lead product owner of myBooks, and his role involves overseeing product development, customer acquisition, and engagement for myBooks.


Easy to Use and Cost-Effective

Starting with the interview, Mathivanan describes myBooks as a cost-effective and time-saving bookkeeping app for SMEs. It caters to multiple industries, while manufacturing and product-based companies are currently the prime users of the myBooks app. It helps automate and control regular bookkeeping, sales, and human resource functions. The software manages the simpler and repetitive tasks and allows business owners to concentrate on complex activities without bearing an undue burden on their heads.


On being questioned what value addition perspective myBooks extends to the clients/customers compared to other such alternatives available in the market, Mathivanan adds that the existing similar products were expensive and time-consuming to operate for busy small business owners with fewer resources. MyBooks is simple to operate, saves time, and is cost-effective.


Distinctive Features

He explains that myBooks offers unique features that make the software stand out from the competitors. It has an in-built profit management tool to show the profit incurred on each sale that helps prevent selling on loss. Besides, the software provides simplified financial journals that even business owners who do not understand the credit/debits of double-entry accounting can leverage with ease.


75 Percent Customer Retention

When inquired about customer retention, Mathivanan disclosed that myBooks offers a subscription-based model with a renewal rate as high as 75% currently.


Dedicated Customer Support

About the quality of customer support clients get with myBooks, Mathivanan clarifies that they offer in-app chat support in addition to email and phone support for catering to customer queries and issues. Besides, the company also facilitates a comprehensive support portal with a knowledge base and “how to” videos to help the customers get acquainted with the product.


With so much to offer, GoodFirms researchers have identified myBooks as one of the best accounting software for its features, user-friendly interface, and reasonable pricing.


MyBooks – The Best Accounting Software

With the ease of use, cost-effectiveness, and mobility that myBooks offers, the company aims to position the software as a leader in accounting software soon. Mathivanan concludes that as they provided free subscriptions for the initial users, their revenue was around $10,000 in 2020.


To know more about the offerings of myBooks, one can also go through the detailed interview published at GoodFirms.


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