The moment business starts, the cash flow will begin. Whether the business is a startup or small, enterprise or big, managing business accounts is a challenging part. It is not that accounting and bookkeeping are enjoyable, other than in some cases. There are accountants who manage the accounting process and left the job when the process went overwhelming.


The use of accounting apps and software has made most businessers and even accountants throw their accounts’ books and manage their business finance through one screen. There are lots of accounting software in the digital market, that helps you to track your finances. 


As you might be searching for accounting and bookkeeping apps for your iOS and iPhone, you landed on this page finally. Here is the list of accounting software for iOS and iPhone, to manage your business accounting and bookkeeping effectively. 

Bookkeeping and Accounting Apps for iOS/iPhone

mybooks – Best Small business accounting app for iOS 

mybooks is one of the suitable small business accounting apps for the iPhone. There are businesses that suffer to afford a large amount for accounting and bookkeeping software. But mybooks is one of the user-friendly and affordable accounting apps for iPhone. The best app for accountants and non-accountants.


You can generate trial balances, perform journal entries, track expenses, create a balance sheet, bulk uploads, and can reduce inventory hassles. Most software and apps look expensive when it comes to iOS and iPhone. But mybooks is out of that circle. And your accounting made easier. 


mybooks accounting and bookkeeping app for iOS – iPhone, iPad, and Mac. You start using mybooks for the accounting app for free.

Accounting & Bookkeeping for iPhone, iPad

Accounting App for iOS

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Features of mybooks on iOS

Here is the list of mybooks features for your iPhone. 

  • One-click billing and invoicing for faster payments
  • Different and professional templated for the invoice, proforma invoice, estimate, payment receipts, and quotation 
  • Effective inventory management
  • Cash flow management
  • Accounts payable and receivable
  • Multi-user role access,
  • Multi-business management
  • Create purchase orders, sales orders, and delivery Challans
  • 23+ reports to track your financial health 
  • Industry-specific features to satisfy your business needs.


You can start using the app for free. After the completion of the trial version, for 

Standard – $4.99

Premium – $9.99


The FreshBooks iPhone accounting app is built for both business owners and their respective clients. This accounting software is built in a way, which can be utilized including small businesses and accountants. FreshBooks accounting and bookkeeping software assists businessers to handle real-time invoices, by managing the business payments and expenses. 


FreshBooks accounting and bookkeeping software are available for iOS – iPad, iPhone, and Mac

Features of FreshBooks Accounting App 

  • Easy and professional looking invoicing
  • This accounting app for ios will track each business dollar and makes the task to easy handling
  • As it holds the time tracking features, the whole team experiences the easy log billable within a few minutes
  • Holding easy online payments


You start using FreshBooks for free for trial periods. Later for,

Lite – $14.99

Plus – $24.99

Premium – $49.99

eAccounting – accounting app for iPhone

eAccounting accounting software will permit businessers to manage their business accounts directly on the user’s iDevices. With eAccounting, you can get a complete financial position for your business. Your business journal entries, and double-entry accounting will be at your fingertip with this eAccounting bookkeeping app. 

eAccounting accounting app is available for iOS – iPhone, iPad, and MAC

Features of eAccounting on iOS

  • Double Entry Accounting
  • Generate Trial Balance
  • You can generate financial reports (Cash flow statement, Income Statement, Statement of Retained Earnings, Balance Sheet)
  • Manage accounts with Chart of Accounts
  • Generate Financial Reports for the required time period


This accounting app charges $3.99 to start, which is not free to start this app.

Xero Accounting 

If you have a large enterprise and looking for the best bookkeeping app for iPhone, try Xero. Xero is one of the simple accounting and bookkeeping software/apps. Like mybooks, Xero is also one of the QuickBooks alternatives for businesses. With the Xero accounting app, businessers can manage their contacts, inventory, payroll process, and more. And all your business daily routine can be done effectively which assists you to increase your business productivity. 

Features of Xero 

  • You can track your bills and can pay them easily 
  • Expense management is made easy 
  • Simply connect with the bank and set up bank feeds 
  • Can track your business projects 
  • Bank reconciliation 


Xero accounting allows business to access their accounting app free for 30 days. And, when we go as paid, then 

Early – $12 /mon 

Growing – $34 /mon 

Established – $65 /mon 


QuickBooks Accounting is a simple bookkeeping software for mac/iPhone/iPad. As all we know, QuickBooks is one of the accounting software, which is used by large businesses. As small businesses feel hard to afford the software. One of the huge drawbacks of using this QuickBooks accounting app for your iPhone is, that it is expensive, and most small businesses are unavailable to afford such a cost for the application. 


  • Accounting Integration 
  • Asset Lifecycle Management 
  • Accounts Payable and receivable 
  • “What If” Scenarios 
  • Bank Reconciliation
  • Billing & Invoicing 
  • Manage business cash flow 
  • Your business collections Management 


QuickBooks accounting software for iPad and other devices allows business to access their accounting app free for 30 days. And, when we go as paid,  

EasyStart – $22 /mon 

Essentials – $44 /mon 

Plus – $66 /mon 

Advanced – $140 /mon 

Taxnote – Simple accounting & Bookkeeping app

Taxnote is one of the simple accounting apps for beginners. You don’t have to register to use this app. So, it is easy for businesses to start using this app. Taxnote accounting and bookkeeping apps are available for iOS – iPhone, and iPad. Similar to the above accounting app, Taxnote is also cloud accounting software, where you can start for free.  


Taxnote accounting and bookkeeping app is available for iOS – iPhone, iPad, and MAC

Features of the Taxnote app

  • Easy Accounting app for non-accountants and beginners
  • You can export your report or journal into CSV to open it with Google Spreadsheets, Excel, or other spreadsheet apps.
  • With Taxnote, you can set recurring entries 
  • Easy to check your business overview


You can install the app for free. In-App purchases costs,

Cloud – HK$ 38.00

Plus – HK$ 233.00, HK$ 238.00


With iAccounting accounting app, businessers can manage their cash flow more effectively. This accounting app is used for businessers who want to track their account balances, business expenses, and capture receipts for cash management and tax reporting. This app can be utilized for both business and personal finances. In-app purchase is required to upgrade so that users can enjoy the full version of the iAccounting. 


iAccounting accounting app is available for iOS – iPad, iPhone.

Features of iAccounting App

  • This app can be used by both personal and small business professionals 
  • Can schedule the transactions and set up recurring
  • Can track all of your expenses utilizing the same pre-defined categories that, you will encounter in your tax software when you do your federal income taxes.
  • You prepare PDF reports 
  • Tracking and organizing reports made easy.

FAQs for accounting & bookkeeping apps for your phone

Does apple have an accounting app?

Yes, the accounting app is available for iOS – iPhone, iPad, and Mac. The above-listed accounting and bookkeeping apps are some of the suitable apps for your iOS model.

Do accounting software for iOS worth using?

Similar to the android accounting and bookkeeping app, the iOS accounting software is also worth using. But, all it depends upon the type of software you choose. Most apps and software, hold good features and bugs too. Choosing the best among them is based on your research and by utilizing the trial version completely. The above accounting software is some of the best accounting apps for the iPhone. 

I am a small businessers. Which is the best accounting app for my iPhone?

As a small business owner, mybooks is one of the good choices for accounting and bookkeeping management. This app is affordable and reasonable in the market with a huge list of accounting features based on the users’ needs. It’s really hard to have such accounting software on this budget.

How should I choose my iOS accounting software for my iPhone, iPad, and MAC?

  • The first is to hunt the list of software by browsing on the app store and google.
  • Filter the list by checking whether you have all your important features.
  • Go for a trial. It is better to have a trial before making the decision.
  • Make sure to choose the software that updates on regular basis.
  • As small businessers cannot afford much for accounting software, it is good to pick an accounting app that can be started for free without any payments. Some of the one-time payment software might look inexpensive but, it may lead to a loss of that payment. 

Can I do bookkeeping on the iPad? 

Yes, you can. There are some of the best small business accounting apps for iPad which assists business in the right way. One of the free small business accounting apps is mybooks. You can start using the app for free, which guides your business in the right way. 

Is there any free small business accounting app? 

mybooks is one of the free accounting and bookkeeping software which helps businesses efficiently. As we discussed above, mybooks is one of the dedicated accounting software for small businesses with all their feature needs — from billing to multi-business management. 

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