First, let’s talk about what marketing is and why you need it at all:


Marketing is not just about promoting, advertising, and selling something. This is a full-fledged tool that determines the place of an enterprise in the sales market, in accordance with its competitors, its competitive advantages and disadvantages, as well as the choice of promising market segments that it supports.


Marketing allows us to identify promising market segments, and also includes relationships with customers – participants in those market segments that we have chosen for ourselves.


Brand reputatioicoholdern

Brand awareness is how a particular brand is perceived. Greater brand awareness requires customers to trust you and your organization, they love the products or the administration. Awful brand awareness, however, will leave buyers doubting your organization and not wanting to buy yours.

Here are some tips on how to maintain your reputation:

  • Maintaining productivity and accuracy in business. Everything should go on as usual. Do not try to capture everything at once, be able to wait and act step by step.
  • Assessing wherein business or marketing you are not going the right way. Be honest with yourself and then you will be able to correct mistakes at the stage of their inception.
  • Analyzing and understanding your competitor’s business and marketing strategy. Remember that only when you can draw certain conclusions for yourself.
  • Brand mentions and sentiment monitoring. Statistics and equations will always be relevant because plans are built on them.
  • Work on recommendations to maintain your value. Improve and stay relevant. Follow the news and trends and new customers are guaranteed to you.
  • Improving your work plan and strategies. If you have not only a desire but also a specific goal, implies certain actions, then it will be much easier for you to achieve the desired result.


Social media and its importance

We all use how social networks, and the Internet in general, are important for each of us. We don’t even spend a single day without a phone or a computer. This can play into the hands of marketers, where there will be the maximum, effective audience reach. Moreover, the placement of information can be both in video format and in audio format, also in writing, reinforcing in addition with the above options. On the Internet, in principle, it is beneficial to advertise something, since, unlike the same newspaper or radio, you can combine the ways of presenting your proposal to the consumer.


By the way, depending on the type of activity you have chosen, you can choose a narrowly targeted audience. This will be more profitable, since you will understand that your advertising, so to speak, will fall into the right ones, people who will like you and your products or services will like your offers, especially if they are beneficial not only for you but also for them.


For example, ICOholder, publishing current news and courses from the world of cryptocurrency, can boast of a large number of users. Due to the fact that they are attentive and understand their business, they have a sufficient number of customers and good reviews.


Try to make your site user-friendly as well. It should be comfortable to be on it: there should be a convenient arrangement of icons, buttons, as well as a design that will be pleasant.



A point that should definitely not be forgotten if you want to be successful in business. Feedback should be present both on the Internet and in other media. What does it mean? The answer is: try to listen to the wishes of your customers, treat them with respect. – Comment on the commentator’s complaint or his gratitude, because this way you show that you care about his opinion. Do not be rude, try to get out of conflicts without disputes and showdowns. How attentive you are to your consumers depends on their trust in you. And without trust, as you understand, there will be no sales.


Remember that insulting someone will only make your company worse. Remember how quickly rumors spread and what the consequences of these rumors could be? Of course, there are always and everywhere haters, but that’s not a bad thing. However, try to make an extremely positive impression no matter what.


Automated Marketing Software

Something you need to move to various public platforms and automate repetitive tasks. The best part of automated marketing software is collecting customer information. The best part of the software is understanding important factors. These include, for example: the geographical location of a person, that is, by determining the location of a person, you can take into account his position. The software may also collect emails from third-party software. … Which gives the impression that this is a long-term solution.



This is the moment, thanks to which you can not only be remembered but also discussed for a long time. Stand out and be remembered! To do something different, you can be inspired by the work of other companies or just the creative work of artists. As you wish. Creativity is very important when promoting a product or service. Engage creative professionals in this work, add a little modernity (this could be, for example, a new meme that has spread over the Internet), add trending colors, just be relevant, and you are guaranteed an effective audience reaction.


So, we hope that we helped you understand this topic, I would like to add: do not forget to improve yourself and your knowledge, read suitable literature and raise your qualifications in the chosen field of activity. Do not forget that the success of the company depends on you and your team, which means that there should be not only a desire to make money, but also an action that is expressed in a deep interest in the topic, in its study, and interest in your business. Well, we wish you success and good luck in your endeavors and advancements, may you succeed!

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