If you are an entrepreneur, you cannot deny how much help you sometimes. In fact, it is essential to entrepreneurial success that you ask for help now and again. Often, however, you will not get this help in human form. This is no surprise in a world that has gotten rapidly digitized. Your friends are busy anyway as everyone is today. So, if you are caught up in such a situation, what can you do?


Top 10 Business Apps For Small Business Owners

There are a lot of apps available online and dedicated to small business owners. You can even get free online accounting software on the web. These apps are not just a handy help but are result oriented and extremely efficient. If you would like to dig in, then here are the top selections of apps to help your business grow.

  • mybooks

MyBooks is cloud-based online accounting software designed for small businesses. It has a beautiful invoicing template, is affordable, and allows you to import your bank into the software so that all your accounting takes place on the same platform. MyBooks helps you manage all your business finances on the go.

  • Square

Square helps your business by allowing you to integrate payment systems into your smartphone. If you are in an industry where your customers have to pay using credit cards at the point of purchase, Square can help you deal with this quickly especially if you are low on budget. The app is useful for turning your smartphone into a point-of-sale machine on the spot.

  • Skype for Business

Microsoft offers Skype for business to allow small businesses to organize virtual meetings with up to 250 people attending at the same time. It also contains file transfer features as well as chat. It is a great tool for meeting with clients or having a quick office meeting with employees if you are not at the office.

  • Best Small Basecamp

This is a project management app and apparently the most popular. It is also quite easy to use. It allows you to chat in-app, attach files, make checklists and watch how you progress with a project. The app also helps you to keep your team together by allowing you to create calendars that clarify how far you have gone with a project.

  • Rescue time

This is a time management tool that helps you curb distractions and keeps you glued to your tasks. It allows you see precisely where you spend your time and allows you to set goals that target your productivity.

  • Evernote

Evernote is a tool that allows you to clip information that you found useful for your business from around the web but that you are yet to go through or that you want to keep because you think they are especially useful. You can clip these pieces, add to them and tag them all in one application.

  • Pocket

This is an alternative to Evernote. You can use Pocket to save articles, blog posts, videos and anything else that catches your fancy so that you can come back to them when you have the time.

  • Wunderlist

This is an effective to-do list tool. It allows you to create task after task and share them with your employees. When tasks are completed, the app syncs automatically to show the stage of the job at hand.

  • Toggl

This is a time management tool that helps you track your time by the seconds. It is especially useful if you bill your clients hourly. You can track multiple projects and clients at the same time making it a very valuable tool.

  • Trello

Trello is a visual project management tool. It allows you to create lists and use cards to indicate the status of projects. You simply drag the card from a list you have completed to a list that you are currently working on.

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