As one of the latest entrants into the online accounting software industry, MyBooks is making significant headway in the industry. MyBooks is here to make running businesses easier for entrepreneurs. MyBooks is guided by a vision of the future, it is helping small and medium-sized businesses leverage technology. This is paving way for small businesses that are strong beneficiaries of the technology at the disposal of MyBooks. It is all about creating a level playing ground for all businesses regardless of size and capital base. It is all about placing rare technologies in the hands of entrepreneurs and start-ups. When it comes to MyBooks, it’s all about giving you a tool that can handle every of your basic and complex accounting needs.


MyBooks is just one of the scores of accounting software available, but it’s making waves with the features available. MyBooks operates across all platforms and requires limited computational knowledge and power. If you are wondering what makes MyBooks different, here are the reasons;


1. Full-Scale Implementation of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

MyBooks is one of the most advanced in the industry. With the hopes of implementing advanced functionalities of artificial intelligence and machine learning. The workings of these two will provide expert financial insights that can help make important business decisions. It has an analytical dashboard which allows for easy monitoring of important business and account indicators.


You can see the expenses, revenue, and tax summaries on the analytical dashboard. MyBooks allows you to draw quick inferences without the need for human advice. Artificial intelligence and Machine Learning can help with market and customer analysis, data-driving trading, credit scoring, and much more.


2. Ease of Use

There’s a short learning curve when it comes to MyBooks. You don’t have to possess any professional training to use MyBooks. One of the primary objective of the founders of MyBooks is to make a software that comes easy with usage. Limited financial knowledge is required to be able to use all the features of MyBooks. MyBooks can be used by anyone regardless of training and certification.


Not every entrepreneur possesses accounting skills, which is why MyBooks is designed. It’s all about cutting out the time needed to perform accounting functions as business owners. MyBooks cut out the need for hiring professional accountants as a small business.


3. Automated Financial Planning and Analysis

MyBooks is not like any other accounting software for small business. Useful apps are integrated into MyBooks to provide business owners with all the tools needed to run their business effectively. MyBooks helps entrepreneur to effectively plan their finances and be able to draw out inferences necessary for business continuity. Without proper financial planning, businesses cannot measure their progress and profitability.


Through MyBooks, financial analysis can be swiftly carried out. Small business owners are provided all the data needed to decide the direction their business is headed. Most importantly, in order to assess cash flow, profitability and control expenses.


4. Affordability and Cost Reduction

The early years of every small businesses is always difficult as they move between making profit and breaking even. There is usually a thin line between profits and losses. As a small business, there is a need to cut out unnecessary expenses as much as possible. One of such expenses usually bothers on employee salaries, which many small businesses cannot afford.


Most importantly, MyBooks allows businesses to be able to prioritize the most important expenses. Mybooks alleviates the pain of many small businesses as it is affordable with an excellent pricing plan.


5. Cutting Out Business Resources; Time and Labour

Rather than spending useful time performing accounting functions, MyBooks can be used. MyBooks is able to reduce time expended on accounting functions, this can be invested into other important areas of the business. Not every entrepreneur has the luxury of time, neither do they have the skill and labour strength. With MyBooks, the most important accounting tasks get done without much efforts.


You don’t have to spend too much time creating invoices, making payments, tracking cost and sending reminders to debtors . MyBooks does it all with little or no human effort. MyBooks is also a mobile-oriented platform that allows you to create invoices and even requests payment on the go.


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