Best Alternative for Vypaar

Check out the best alternative option for Vyapar accounting app in PC, iOS and Android. 


First Vyapar is a good accounting app available as desktop accounting software and mobile accounting app on Android. However, it is not yet available in iOS and Web versions. Check out here best alternatives for Vyapar Accounting App. We evaluated on parameters whether it is available on all platforms like Web, Android, and iOS. Also, the app should support inventory management, full sales, and purchase transactions in addition to that it should be cost-effective and affordable to be managed by small and medium businesses. 



myBooks accounting app is an excellent accounting solution for small and medium-sized businesses. First, it is completely online software so you can access it anywhere and anytime. Additionally, it has excellent mobile apps for android and iOS App. Further, it supports multiple users to operate the account with different access levels, So you can provide access to create billing for billing users without exposing sensitive data. Also, it comes full inventory management, estimates, purchasing transactions all from a single application. Making it an excellent alternative for Vyapar accounting app for platforms in iOS, Android, and PC. 


myBooks is very affordable for even very small and micro businesses, making it the most viable alternative for Vyapar accounting app. Read more about myBooks accounting app and why it is an excellent alternative Vyapar App. It is very easy to use and can be used by business owners and other staff without training or accounting background.


It has a very good user interface which is very easy and fun to use. It has advanced features like pricing lists, customized user roles, etc. It is cloud-based accounting software with no need for additional backup. It integrates with payment providers to receive online payments. Additionally, you can connect your bank for easier to fetch your bank transactions and reconcile them against myBooks.  



Tally accounting software is also a good accounting solution. It is one of the most-used accounting software in India. It has fully functional desktop software with mobile add-ons. It supports inventory management and other accounting functions. However, it requires good knowledge to operate the software. Often accounting degree or prior training is required to operate the software. Additionally, the user interface is complicated or outdated compared to other modern cloud accounting software. The further frequent backup may be required to avoid data loss due to system crashes.  


Zoho Books 

Zoho books is a very good cloud-based accounting software and a good alternative for the Vyapar app. It is available for web, Android, and iOS. It supports all functions of accounting, sales, and purchase for small and medium businesses. However, it is very expensive compared to other accounting options available in the market. Zoho books also integrate with 3rd Party apps like payment gateways and banking etc.  


Our recommendation will be to try out myBooks, it is the best value for the money and has all the best features required for small and medium-sized businesses. Check out myBooks for a free 30 days trial here.  

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