Most of your customers may not add much to your profits, here is why? 


Businesses these days can achieve success by taking proper care of establishing and managing customer relationships. In this blog, we will go over the reasons for customers not representing profits. Businesses must not only deal with sales but also make their customers fall in love with their products or services. The most profitable customers are those who were already attracted by a product/service.  


Growing a sustainable business by managing customer retention is important. As per the results of research, improving customer retention rates by 5 percent can inflate the profits of a business by 25.95 percent. Poor customer retention strategies are more like filling a bucket and letting the water out of its holes. Any red flags from your customers may turn off your potential.  


The prime way to increase profits is to increase customers. If you find yourselves struggling to increase profits, the problem shall be that you focused on the wrong segment. Here are some reasons why the customers don’t add much to the company’s profits  

  • Unawareness of the brand 
  • Zero Engagement 
  • Improper Evaluation 
  • Minimal Support Services & Experiences 
  • No Bonding 

 Balance the act of retaining customers by implementing the following strategies to make more profits. 


The customer relationship with a business starts with awareness. When there is no awareness about your brand, it will become hard to attract customers. Active promotions of your business through the platforms of social media and word of mouth shall be offered to turn customers. Engaging a customer with the brand’s updates through newsletter subscription, media, blog, and e-mails is a must. The more information about a company the more customers will pay attention.  


Any customer will always look for reviews, offers, quality, and cost before purchasing any product. Robust digital self-service must be given through multiple channels to customers. Make sure to provide maximum support to any purchase made by the buyers. Employ customer care or chat services for some real-time assistance. Gaining new customers is tougher than retaining the existing ones.  Provide exceptional customer support to convince the buyers. And finally, transform a buyer into your customer by establishing a strong and long-lasting connection through quality, support, and service.   


When a business understands these reasons and solutions it can create repeat customers who will be likely to shop again & again. Repeat customers are those buyers who are easier to sell your product and services, spend more on every purchase, and at key times. They have got higher chances of sharing your business more like word of mouth advertising and referrals. With an increase in this, the profit from customers will inflate. 


After imparting these strategies, it’s now a learning time to measure your customer satisfaction by analyzing the data. Use our myBooks worth-adding software for your accounting toolbox to make your calculations simple. Calculating the CRR rates using our application will give the customer percentage a company has retained over a period. Anyhow, it will vary from business to business. Create your better journey with our financial software.  


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