An uninformed market produces a deformed business. Marketing, basic skill in business that informs a specified population about a product or service is one of the basic skills that a small business should have.


Various marketing approaches exist, spanning from internet marketing, word of mouth marketing, and the use of marketing emails, and so on. The latter on our list is of special interest to us since it is a very good approach and one of the trendiest today.


Email marketing is the act of sending a commercial message, typically to a group of people that is the target market using email. This methodology is fast rising and equally effective as the world is so digitized and almost everybody is socially and electronically alive and alert.


However, only the right marketing emails can get the right clients and customers for your small business, hence, it is necessary to know how to write flawless and catchy marketing emails that will transport its receivers – your clients or prospective clients into the world of your small business.


As there are various types of clients, including those who need your product and service but are resistant to making a purchase, these stony hearts need to be duly melted and whether their hearts melt or not is dependent on the approach you engage through the marketing emails you write.


You will find below some easy steps we have put together to help you write killer marketing emails that will draw customers closer to your business and its product and service.



Here follows the best email marketing steps for your business lead generation.

Choose the right online accounting software

It is very true that small business accounting software and free online accounting software help you in your email marketing strategies. With Cloud computing in place, your users and clients can all be in one place and thus be easily reached. You will need to choose a great business accounting software like myBooks, a QuickBooks alternative to help you reach your clients by keeping them together in the cloud.

Stuff your emails right

Having chosen the right online accounting software, the next step is to write your email. Now, the Beginning, middle, and ending parts of your email really matter.


For the Beginning, your email should have a catchy title and a catchy introduction that will get an uninterested person quickly interested in what you have to say.  For the middle part, your email is a mini way of pitching your business to your market so you have to make them understand why they should patronize you. You also have to make their problems into an equation and show them how your business can solve the equation. When compared with other services, let them know why your brand is unique and why they should spend their money on your product or service.

Be careful of epistles

Everyone is on the go these days. Once you have been able to catch your market’s attention using the free online accounting software that you have chosen, for instance, myBooks, a QuickBooks alternative, you should ensure that your emails are not too lengthy. Lengthy emails can quickly become a bore. Keep it brief, concise, and loaded!


With small business accounting software, you can be rest assured about your marketing emails getting to the right people and at the fastest time possible. You don’t need to start sending to each user one after the other when you have the right business accounting software in place.

Know your market

The right marketing requires the right market. It is essential to know the category of people you intend on sending the emails to. For instance, if your small business deals with sanitary pads and you have seventy percent of the people in your target market as belonging to the male gender, obviously, you have not found your market yet. No amount of emails you send to this group about sanitary pads can yield the kind of results you are anticipating. This is why it is important for you to identify your target market. When you are able to successfully select your market, you can then proceed with sending the emails to them using the steps we have highlighted above.


If you follow these steps, your small business will be on its way to rapid growth.

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