The primary reason for a business to use an e-mail is to celebrate payday. After completion of a project, any entity/individual must invoice their clients to get paid.  


A lot of freelancers, businesses, and small startups might have fear until they receive their payments. To avoid unpaid or late payments follow some simple steps of discussing an invoice with your client.  


What is an Invoice & Invoice Email? 

An invoice can be an itemized list of shipped goods that specifies the rate and terms of sale.  


An email attached with an invoice for sending them to clients can be termed as an invoice email or emailed invoice. 


Having a straightforward and outstanding invoice email template for the invoice can be a wise choice. 


Why use an Invoice Email Template? 

An invoice email template can save time. It helps to write and mail an invoice instantly to the client every time. This template specifically benefits the companies with different products or services.  


The usage of invoice email templates can help in personalizing every client by inserting their names and related information in advance. 

Invoice Email Sample 

Like any other email, an invoice email template will include 

  • Good Subject Line with Client Name, Invoice Number & Due date 
  • A Greeting for your Client 
  • The Main Body Content for referring to the attached invoice 
  • A Signature with name and email 


How to send an Invoice via Email? 

Here is an example for creating and mailing an invoice using an invoice email template: 

Invoice Email Template 


Client/Business Name – Invoice Number – Due Date 


Greetings (Happy Day) Client’s Name, 


I hope everything is fine at your end. 


Please view the attached invoice (Number) for (Name of the project completed). The invoice will be due by (Date). 


In case of any queries or clarifications, please do contact us (Company Number & Address).


Thank you, 

Best Regards, 

(Your Name & Signature) 


If you have sent an invoice email earlier, but it is overdue, then you might have to chase the late payment by using an invoice reminder email.  

Overdue Invoice Email 

If you see any unpaid invoices, then you must follow up with your customers/clients through email by reminding their overdue or past due payments. A follow-up invoice must be    

  • Simple  
  • Prompt 
  • Polite 
  • Personalized &
  • Intuitively Formatted 

Following is a sample of what you need to send your customers if they have a past due or overdue invoice payment. 

Overdue Invoice Email Template 


Client/Business Name – Overdue Invoice Number with Product/Service 


Greetings (Happy Day) Client’s Name, 


I hope everything is fine at your end. 


I understood you were busy and our first email must have got lost in your feed.


This is a follow-up email to inform you that we are yet to receive your payment for the (Invoice Number) for (Product/Service) which was due on (Date). Please give us information about when we can expect to have our payment.  


We hope you will enjoy our (Product/Service purchased) and we look forward to your words. 


In case of any queries or clarifications, please do contact us (Company Number & Address). 


Thank you, 

Best Regards, 

(Your Name & Title) 

(Company Name) 



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