Images add spice to life. With images, we tend to understand a particular concept more. For instance, people tend to grasp the idea of a concept better when they view it using diagrams, pictures, and other images.


As a result of this relevance, the place of images in a small business can never be overemphasized. If you are a business owner, you will need images to advertise your products, to upload on your website or blog, to employ in driving home a point, and for a huge variety of reasons. Your small business can definitely not do without images.


However, it is advisable to look for how to get images that you don’t need to pay for. This will save you some cost because paying for images will quickly add up and increase the expenses of your small business.


You can easily get royalty-free images online. If you need to know where and how to get such images, then you should read on to find out in our tips.


How to get royalty-free images for your small business?

There are various websites where you can get royalty-free images. Some may involve attribution and others may not. Also, some of the sites may need you to sign up to access the images.


You can navigate to any of such websites through your online accounting software and this feature makes for easier access. You can also use the Google search engine to get free images. All you have to do is enter a search term in Google Images search, click the Gear icon, then select advanced search, scroll down and use the usage rights drop-down menu to select free to use or share.


This way, you can get the images you want for free! If you follow the first method, there are hundreds of websites which you can get royalty-free images from. We have highlighted a few of them in the next section.


Websites to get royalty-free images

 These websites that are willing to give you royalty-free images include:

  • Imfree

You can get commercially viable and royalty-free images here. Imfree images require attribution.

  • Libre Shot

You can find hundreds of creative images for your business. Attribution isn’t required by this website

  • MorgueFile

This site was started by Michael Connors in 1996 and is one of the oldest free image websites on the internet. All photos can be downloaded and reused by your small business.

  • Negative Space

You can get Creative Commons photos here with no copyright restrictions. Attribution isn’t required.

  • Pexels

There are thousands of free stock photos with a Creative Commons license. New high-resolution photos are added each month.

  • Pixabay

You can get free, high-quality stock photos, vectors, and art illustrations for your small business. No attribution is needed.

  • Rawpixel

A collaborative approach to image sharing, Raw pixels offers a large variety of creative and authentic royalty-free images.


Since a rule of thumb is that each post should have an image attached to it, your small business unarguably needs to step up and get into those free online accounting software available and navigate to sites that provide royalty-free images. Alternatively, you can just use our list!

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