The workplace is changing and heavily reliant on teamwork. Being able to inspire experts with different skill sets in your company will translate to a fresh perspective and insight on achieving the organizational objectives. However, before a team can collaborate towards success, they need to be able to connect and communicate. It’s not enough to just bring people together, giving them tools such as MyStaff and MyPlan will ease the burden of collaboration. As a business, you need to stop assuming that innovation comes from individual skills. Long-term success and innovation can be achieved through team efforts.


Tips to Keep Your Team Connected and Inspired 

To help build successful teams that can connect and collaborate on projects, we’ve put together the following tips;

Don’t Leave Teams To Connect on Their Own

It’s inadequate to bring people together as a team and expect them to be able to connect from the onset. Often, the strangers may be able to blend but a good number of times, it doesn’t work. There is some awkwardness that is frequently encountered when people come together, and they can be tackled through the following mediums;

  • myPlan: You need to keep the project goals in sight of the teams. This will make it a talking point and bring about ideas.
  • Bonding: Bring the team members under the same roof. Initiate events that are unrelated to the project that can help build trust and friendship.
  • Video Conferencing: If there are remote members, there’s a need to make them feel carried along. Let them be able to know what is happening in the team.

Draft Out a Team Charter

Without a charter, the team will be working in the dark. The team needs to be aware of what is expected of them. This process should be carried out immediately the team is formed. For every team, there should be a charter that has the following items;

  • Purpose of the team; It should be in the form of problem and solution.
  • Mission and Objectives; the goals of the project should be spelled out.
  • Team Roles; Let every member know what others are bringing to the table.
  • Expectations; help them prioritize the objective and modus operandi for dispute resolution.
  • Budget and Resources; through a cloud accounting software, let every member know the available funding.

Create and Reward Milestones

For the team to stay inspired towards the objectives, there should be milestones spelled out. At every milestone, a form of reward should be introduced to keep the fire burning. When there’s a breakthrough, the team leadership should point it out. This will create an unconscious feeling of success in the team. Knowing they are making progress with every move will create a hunger for more. You may even involve the team as to the form of rewards for the milestones.


Final Words…

Team leaders can easily build team spirit by using myPlan; this will keep the team together. To achieve accountability regarding finance, bringing everyone onboard via an online accounting software will help build trust.