The summer couldn’t have gotten better at myBooks, our efforts at revolutionizing small businesses are gaining attention. The warmth of the season is beyond the feeling of the summer as FinancesOnline has considered us relevant enough to scrutinize the functionality of our business accounting software. This award is proof of the result of the years of efforts, resources, and expertise invested into making myBooks the cloud accounting software every business can rely on.


FinancesOnline has a positive review for myBooks from many perspectives, comparing and contrasting the platform against the top accounting software including in the ease-of-use department based on the intuitive user interface. According to FinancesOnline accounting experts, mybooks is the right way to simplify your accounting needs, which involves a shorter learning curve compared to other accounting applications. The hallmark of myBook is its simplified nature which gives entrepreneurs ample time to focus on another aspect of running the business profitably.


FinancesOnline review experts are also interested in enterprise-level security, all of which are available in our affordable myBooks Online Accounting Software pricing plans. It’s close to being military grade; this ensures that every of your business data is safe and secure. What caught their attention aside from the unbreachable security apparatus is the multi-currency compatibility of myBook, allowing us to be included in FinancesOnline’s list of highly recommended accounting software for enterprises. It won’t matter the currencies your clients and customers are using, MyBook is compatible enough.


Another area considered by FinancesOnline is the satisfaction level of myBook users. They utilized its unique Customer Satisfaction Algorithm in knowing what the existing users think about myBook. This algorithm collates all the feedback, opinion, comments, and perceptions of users to determine the user-friendliness of mybooks. With the pace myBook is moving, it will soon become a record breaker and move away from being a Quickbook alternative.


At myBooks, we are delighted and happy to have been reviewed by FinancesOnline and add another award to our growing accolades. It will serve as a motivation to make accounting better for small business owners in the nearest future.

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