Starting a new business, especially after the pandemic could be very challenging. Usually starting a new business from the scratch requires a lot of time and effort. You have to pull together a number of things simultaneously. Firstly you have to identify a profitable business idea given the economic situation. The second challenge is branding and marketing the business. The third challenge is hiring employees and generating sales daily. And last but not least is mustering funds to kick start the business.


This may sound quite intimidating to you. However, that is not the case because there is a way out. And the answer to this problem is starting a dealership business.


If you know, India is one of the best places to start a dealership business. Whether you want to open a restaurant or a petrol pump, as a growing market India still remains the hottest destination.


In this article, you will learn about 8 such profitable dealership business ideas in India.


Here are they …


Apparel and Textile Dealership Business

Textile is considered to be one of the most traditional industries in any country. There is a huge textile manufacturing base already present in India. Therefore scope for apparel and textile dealership in India is really big.


Moreover, the investment needed to start a textile dealership business is very modest. Anyone who lives in a city can start this business with minimum infrastructure. You can start even from a small boutique.


Initially, you can start this business at a smaller level and later scale it up.


This is really great for women entrepreneurs.


Fast Food and Organic Food Dealership Business

No matter what the economic situation is, people are always going to eat and drink. The food business has always been in high demand and will continue to remain so in the future.


Hence, starting a fast food dealership business could be very lucrative. You can get a dealership for opening fast food joints, snacks & drinks kiosks, bakery items, groceries items, etc.


If you don’t want to go with a traditional fast food business then you can try launching an organic food dealership business. Affluent neighborhoods in cities want to consume more and more organic food items. This offers a great opportunity to start an organic food dealership business in this niche.


With a good location and some investment, you can start a dealership franchise business. Obtain the approval for specific brands and get started.


Healthcare and Beauty Products Dealership Business

Healthcare and beauty products are very popular among people who are coming from upper-middle-class backgrounds. I will just give you an example. You might have heard of Amway. It is a multi-level marketing company that sells health and beauty products.


Ordinary people partner with Amway and sell their products through network marketing. They earn a fixed percentage in commission for each product they sell. In fact, not just Amway there are dozens of such companies operating in India.


You can easily obtain the dealership for various beauty, health & wellness, and personal care products.


Furniture Dealership Business

A furniture dealership is a very lucrative business proposition because of its high-profit margins. This is because niches like furniture or interior decoration cater mainly to high-end customers.


You can choose a certain type of furniture item, customize its features according to the customer’s needs and sell it. Today there are a number of dealership options available to you.


You also have to choose the right location to establish your business. A location where there is a customer base and great demand for furniture that is lightweight, multifunctional, strong, and elegant.


Jewelry Dealership Business

Although the jewelry niche is very small the business can be very profitable if you manage to get even a few dedicated clients.


Jewelry business is a small-scale dealership that you can start from the comfort of your home. You can partner with one of the major jewelry brands in India and market their products.


However, before you start this business you must have some background in jewelry cutting and polishing.


Automobile Dealership Business

Perhaps I should have mentioned automobile dealerships earlier in this article because it is the most popular dealership business idea in India.


If you love and know about cars and motorbikes then this business is for you. You can start an automobile retail store where you sell auto parts, service parts, and various accessories.


You can also start a service station where you service cars and motorbikes. There is no dearth of auto retailers in the country. You can partner with anyone and start your business.


Gas Agency Dealership

There are over 250 million households in India that already have LPG connections. However, there are still 100 million households that are without an LPG connection.


There is a huge demand for new LPG gas connections and refills in the country. Businessmen and entrepreneurs across the country can capitalize on this opportunity and start their own gas agency dealership business. How you can start Gas Agency Dealership in India? You have to apply for the dealership first and if you get nominated then you can start the business.


However, to start a gas agency dealership business you need to meet infrastructural requirements like storage area for cylinders and a showroom. You will also require an investment amount of Rs 700,000 to Rs 100,0000 to get started.


Bharat Petroleum (BPCL) Dealership

Have you ever thought of starting a petrol pump/gas station?


There can be no transportation without petrol and diesel. You might have seen cars and motorbikes lining up to fill their tanks in a petrol pump. You can just imagine how lucrative this business could be.


A growing number of vehicles has led to an increase in fuel demands which eventually requires more petrol pumps.

According to a rough estimate, every petrol pump in this country sells almost 500,000 liters of petrol and diesel every month.


If you own properties on highways or roads where traffic is very high, you are in a good position to enter into this business.


BPCL or Bharat Petroleum Corporation Limited is a PSU owned by the Government of India that operates more than 14,000 Petrol pumps across India.


You can partner with BPCL and become a fuel station dealer by opening your own retail outlet. However, you will require a decent amount of money to get into this business.


I hope after reading this article you will get a fair idea of how to start a profitable dealership business in India.


You can choose any one of the dealership business Ideas based on your area of expertise and investment capital.

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