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SNAPOS was granted a prestigious industry award by a trusted software marketplace in recognition of our exemplary performance as a point-of-sale (POS) app. 


Leading B2B review site, FinancesOnline, bestowed SNAPOS a Rising Star Award, acknowledging our software’s admirable reputation among customers and our incessantly growing customer base. This award is given to products that have achieved market validation in a short period. 


Among other criteria, FinancesOnline evaluated SNAPOS’ positive feedback, online presence, and reviews in various channels as a seal of user satisfaction. Software experts from FinancesOnline also published a comprehensive SNAPOS review and commended our easy-to-use eCommerce store builder and efficient billing system.

Evaluation of SNAPOS



In the report, the reviewers evaluated SNAPOS features and benefits. Out of all of SNAPOS features, the review praised SNAPOS online shop builder, billing system, inventory management, and reporting features the most. The review discussed how easy it is to use SNAPOS online shop builder to start your dream business and sell products. No matter what kind of business you have, a grocery, a cafe, a bakery, or a service business—you can use SNAPOS to create a simple store where you can sell and advertise your products online. Customers can also pay using various payment options and track their orders.


Based on the report, SNAPOS stands out from other POS apps mainly because of its fast billing system. Customers can buy any item with just a single click. It’s also easy to create and send electronic receipts, giving you complete control over your sales process and revenue-tracking activities. In an age where fast and convenient online services are the norm, a good and efficient billing system can be truly beneficial to encourage more clients and create loyal customers. 


FinancesOnline experts also praised SNAPOS inventory management features that allow for better monitoring and inventory management in a business. Customers get real-time notifications when products are low in stock or are below a certain level. With SNAPOS, it’s so easy to record and track the movement of your products between storage premises. You won’t have to worry about your customers going to a different store because your best-selling item goes out of stock. 


The bottom line

Lastly, the review discussed SNAPOS’ amazing reporting features. Data about your business operations are collected and displayed in one single report. Aside from business data, you can also get access to customer purchase history. With this reporting feature, you can learn which customers are making the most purchases along with the most frequent payment methods they’re using. All of the features mentioned merited SNAPOS a spot on FinancesOnline’s list of top POS software.  


SNAPOS would like to thank FinancesOnline for this recognition. We value companies that acknowledge our hard work and dedication to customer service. We promise to continue doing our best and improve our services in the growing POS industry. 

Also, we appreciate our customers and clients who continue to trust us for their POS needs. We look forward to working with you in the future. Rest assured that we will regularly update and create better solutions for the improvement of SNAPOS.

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