Staying Ahead of Competitors: Pitching Your Unique Selling Points to Clients

Every successful business today is characterized by one important idea in it heart; a value proposition. Look at Google, Yahoo, myBooks, Microsoft, KFC, and many more, they all have a Unique Selling Point that makes them industry leaders. Except you find yourself as the only player in your industry, you need a strong, unique selling point to win over customers. As a business, you USP set you apart from the competition; it’s what makes you sought after by the clients of your competitors. As a new business, breaking into the market can only be possible with the existence of a unique selling point.


Don’t try to be everything to everyone; it’s the beginning of your failure as a business. It’s better to be known for one thing than to be unknown for many other things. As a business, your USP should encapsulate and provide answers to these questions;


  • What are you offering and what makes it different from existing products/services?
  • Who should be your customer and what can you do for them?
  • Lastly, what do you want to be known for in the market?


Your answers to these questions are your unique selling point. Whether as a new or existing business, the answers to these questions should be known and felt in your branding and marketing. With a unique selling point, standing out from the crowd is easy.


Of course, you would have done your research to arrive at a unique selling point. It should also be inclined towards how useful your product is to the clients. For example, you can show using cloud accounting software, the cheaper cost of using your product or service. The most important task as far as your USP is concerned is communicating it to your prospective clients and customers. You may have a better value than the competition, but if clients are unaware of it, they will not know what you are offering.


Steps to follow to pitch your unique selling points to clients

There are steps to follow to pitch your unique selling points to clients based on the experience and practice of successful companies;

  1. Wow Your Ideal Customer

There’s always an ideal customer for every business. To be the best in your industry, identity your ideal customer and build your product to appeal to them. That’s not to say you should ostracize non-customers. For example, you can be like Abercombie and Fitch, who think their ideal customer is the “cool, good-looking people.” Narrowing down to your ideal customers is effective, that’s not to say you should be rude to others.

  1. Go Personal With Your Pitching

You need to be cautious though, but fusing a personality into your unique selling point is rewarding. Craft a personality that aligns with your product and services. When there’s a persona to your brand, it’s more relatable. Having a humanized approach to your unique selling point gives you an edge.

  1. Do Something Others Cannot Imitate

People are always trying to replicate success. However, you can craft your unique selling point, so that competitors cannot imitate it. Make it hard to duplicate, replicate, and reproduce.

Don’t just start out without ironing out your unique selling point. It’s like putting yourself at risk, and your capital will bear the brunt.

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