Bookkeeping is a vital aspect of your small business that should not be taken with levity. Although you can assign your bookkeeping efforts to people with who you can relate physically, you can opt for a virtual bookkeeping consultant. The virtual bookkeeper for small businesses plays an important role in their business. Bookkeeping Consultants are trained experts who are efficient in helping a business manage its accounting affairs.


It is now possible to hire a bookkeeping consultant that is far from where you are or where your business is and that can deliver even more efficient services. This interaction with the bookkeeping consultant will only be on a virtual interface and thus accessible from anywhere. You can start out with online accounting software, also called the business accounting software like myBooks, a QuickBooks alternative. Virtual bookkeeping consultants are advantageous because they make transactions and collaborations smarter and faster.


When you have gone this route, hiring the right virtual bookkeeping consultant and how to go about it becomes your next consideration. You will find below some easy steps you can take to hire the best virtual bookkeeping consultant.



Virtual bookkeeper for your small business plays a huge role. So, you should be more conscious while hiring a virtual bookkeeper for your small business.  Here are our carefully selected steps for hiring just which bookkeeping consultant is right for you!

1. Determine the skills you require from your bookkeeping consultant

One common cause of disappointment for employers is employees cutting short their expectations.


Are you looking for someone to analyze the numbers for you and create a budget or do you really just need someone to data enters the bills and invoices?


If you don’t have anyone making sure the numbers are correct, the data entry bookkeeper is not a good idea. In this case, you’ll want to look for someone with full bookkeeping experience. A virtual bookkeeper can be your perfect try.


myBooks – online accounting software and a QuickBooks alternative can easily do this for you.

2. Put out an advertisement

Once you know the skills and experience you are looking for, you can then place an ad where your potential bookkeeper can apply.  You can prepare some interview questions to enable you to pick the best. When they see your ad, different business accounting software with their unique bookkeeping services will apply.

3. Choose your bookkeeping consultant

Now, this is the part where it all gets exciting. You have to be very careful and accurate in choosing a bookkeeping consultant that can offer you optimum performance. Ensure all the criteria are fulfilled before choosing. myBooks has been discovered to be capable of performing at an optimal level and much better than its alternatives.

4. Discuss the Pay and subscriptions

Now, it’s time to subscribe to your desired bookkeeper. One criterion you must consider before choosing a bookkeeping consultant is the subscription fee and rate. You don’t want to select a bookkeeper that requests for more than you can afford. Affordability is essential and the consultant you select must be able to pay time with your dime.

It’s time to hire a bookkeeping consultant. Follow our steps to reducing your workload in a more efficient manner.


How to hire your small business bookkeeper?

If you’re growing your small business, the basic operations of your business such as payroll and billing may be getting more complex. If you’re thinking about selling your company, you’ll need to hire an accountant and an attorney to prepare complex financial reports. 


Many businesses need some extra help with bookkeeping. We’ll give you tips for finding the right virtual bookkeeper for any of your small businesses.

1. Pick Freelancer Bookkeepers

The freelancer bookkeeper is one of the affordable bookkeepers if you are a small business owner. Since there is no requirement for the bookkeeper to be present on all of your business days.


Freelancer Bookkeepers Price


Freelance bookkeepers offer more flexible payment terms than firms since they have less overhead. A freelance bookkeeper will work for either an hourly or flat rate.


As you continue working with your freelancer bookkeeper, your relationship will be more efficient and predictable. If you don’t have a fixed monthly accounting cost, then a fixed rate will give you a lot of trouble.

Freelancer Bookkeepers Process

Your bookkeeper should be able to meet you at your business. If you have digitized documents, you’ll find that collaborating with a freelancer will be easy. If you use dedicated bookkeeping software, be sure that your bookkeeper uses the same brand. 


Be sure to ask a potential freelancer about their experience working directly with CPAs.

2. Choose a Bookkeeping Company

If you’re concerned about having someone reliable to deal with your books, but don’t mind paying more, consider a bookkeeping firm.

Firm Bookkeeper Price

The pricing of bookkeeping firms can vary depending on whether you pay by the hour or month. Ideally, you will want to find a firm that charges by the hour so you know how much an accountant is spending per hour on your business.

Firm Bookkeeper Process

When you work remotely, you need to use the same bookkeeping services as your company. However, it does give you a more streamlined way to handle the paperwork. In some circumstances, you may need someone from the firm to come by your business to pick up paperwork. Or, you may need to drive your paperwork to the firm’s office yourself.


Bookkeeping firms may also employ accountants, so you should ask whether this is the case. If it isn’t, ask whether they can refer you to a reliable accountant.

3. Choose Remote Bookkeeping solution:

The cloud-based software helps you to connect with a bookkeeper team who do books for you. This is almost similar to the firm. But comparatively more affordable than firm. If you have cash-heavy transactions, this is a great choice.

Remote Bookkeeping Price:

Bookkeeping services generally charge based on the time it takes them to prepare your books each month. The number of accounts you’re tracking, and the frequency of transactions may affect this. 

For a startup or small business owner, it is better to choose a virtual/remote bookkeeper. This is considered to be the best affordable price for small business owners.


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