Confused on the cloud productivity software to use? The choice is always between office365 and Google Suite. These two are the major productivity tool for businesses all over the world. They are always yearning to outplay each other in terms of features and ease of use. They both have their strengths and weaknesses but there are reasons why we choose Office 365 over Google suite. We’ll look at it from the angle of what Office365 is doing or has done that has made them miles ahead of Google Suite;

Reason to choose Office365 over Google Suite

  • The Quick Evolution of Office 365.

Office365 is not what it used to be, it is always undergoing a shift. This shift is always to the benefit of the users. Office 365 has always been ruling the productivity space, it was slow to join the cloud race. However, since it joined the cloud space, it has made a huge leap than Google Suite in all areas. Microsoft through Satya Nadella was able to close the gap between the platform and Google suite. It is able to focus more on mobile and cloud computing. There is a rapid development which makes it a complete productivity tool which performs better than Google suite on all front.

  • Lack of Attention On Google Suite

When put side by side, the attention Microsoft Office enjoys is not at the same level with Google Suite. This is not to say that Google Suite is not being updated but at a slower pace and rate to Office 365. Google is just playing catch up with the digital transformation trends. The flexible options offered by Office 365 put it ahead of Google Suite also. There’s even an hybrid solution which means you can use Office 365 both offline, on-premises, on-cloud or even both together at once. For an organization yet to make a full migration to cloud, using Google Suite is nothing but a stress.

  • The Variety of Apps Available on Office 365

Apps are the influencing reasons why some people choose Office 365 over Google Suite. We can’t blame them actually, there’s an abundance of apps that makes business easier. There are most applications available to Office 365 users that don’t have an alternative on Google Suite. With applications such as Microsoft Teams, Planner and more, Office 365 offers businesses the edge they need over Google Suite. Even with the common applications Microsoft Excel, there’s an advance feature than Google Sheets. For every Google Suite app, there’s an advanced similar application offered by Office 365.

  • The Leadership at Office 365 is the Backbone

It all boils down to the attention given to Office 365. The quality of leadership is evident in the quality, innovation and stability enjoyed by users of Office 365. What the leadership at Office 365 offers witnessed the influx of users from Google Suite to Office 365. The thoughts and ideas from the Satya Nadella era is giving Office 365 a good push. Being a second generation CEO, Satya was able to inject life into Office 365. It went from being a tool playing catch up to a trail blazer in the business productivity environment.

  • Value For Money, Best Bang For Every Buck

We cannot rule out the role played by pricing in the choice of any business software. In our own choice, pricing was an important factor considered. We choose Office 365 as it offers the best value for money. This is considering the weight and importance of the tools and applications available on the Office 365 platform. For a new start up or a medium sized company with limited number of employees, pitching your tent with Office 365 is the best decision you can make.


Truly, they both performs at the same rate but there will always be competition between these two. At every point, you will have to weigh and pitch the two against one another. When we made our choice, these five points guided our choice. As a point of summary; the advanced and powerful functionalities, the hybrid nature and the pricing served as enough reason to choose Office 365. It doesn’t matter when and where you work from, Office 365 is the right way to go.

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